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Hartington is located in Cedar County and forms part of Northeast Nebraska's border with the state of South Dakota. The Missouri River forms the northern boundary of the county and the state at that point. Hartington is the county seat of Cedar County. State Highways 57 and 84 run through town. US Highway 81 is eight miles west and Interstate Highway 29 is 60 miles to the east of Hartington. Hartington's municipal airport has a 3,960 foot runway featuring a state of the art lighting system. There are 18 towns and cities within one-half hour of driving time that have populations varying in size from 100 to 20,000. Hartington's population is approximately 1,700.



You will experience the beauty of nature in a four-season climate. You will discover the moods and the magic of breathtaking scenery. Spring flowers, summer sun, fall colors and winter snow provide an atmosphere and environment that is always refreshing and never boring. The average temperature in January is 20 degrees Fahrenheit and in July the average is 77 degrees Fahrenheit.