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History and Development

The Westfield Acres residential housing development came about through the initial strategic goal setting by the Hartington Community Economic Development Corporation back in early 2008. For more background information, just click here. [ci.hartington.ne.us]

Click Here for a Westfield Acres Informational brochure [ci.hartington.ne.us](8.5 x 14" paper).

For an actual copy of an informational brochure of Westfield Acres, please send request to Hartington Community Development Corporation, PO Box 427, Hartington, NE 68739 and include your name and address.

Fair Housing

Fair Housing is the right for all people to have safe, decent housing and be able to get this housing without discrimination. City, State, and Federal Fair Housing Laws require that all people have an equal opportunity to buy, rent, or live in housing.

US Dept of Housing and Urban Development [portal.hud.gov]

Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission [neoc.ne.gov]

Nebraska Dept of Housing and Urban Development [portal.hud.gov]

Goals of Housing Development

To provide a very desirable area and location for the building of a variety of homes that fit the decor of the neighborhood and that promotes a quality of life for all future residents and families. The planting of trees and quality landscaping is encouraged to make the neighborhood and subdivision appealing and a source of satisfaction and pride for all the residents.

Developer of Westfield Acres

The Hartington Community Development Corporation is the owner and developer of Westfield Acres. The corporation is made up of 12 board members and is an entity of the City of Hartington. A separate Community Development Redevelopment Authority (CRA) five member board appointed by the mayor will oversee and govern all aspects of the housing development till all lots are sold with all purchase offers on lots requiring CRA approval.

Key Project Partners

City of Hartington NE Dept. of Econ. Dev. NE Nebraska Econ. Dev. District
Hartington Community Development Corp. Plumbing & Electric Services, Inc. Eisenbraun & Associates
Bacon & Vinton Attorneys, LLC LB840 City Sales Tax Steve Harris Construction Inc.
Gerhold Concrete Co., Inc. Souce Gas Hartelco
Nordby Fencing Nebraska Public Power District Cedar County News
X-Pert Lawn & Landscaping Leise Concrete Dave Feilmeier Electric
Federal Home Land Bank of Topeka Security Bank Farmers & Merchants State Bank
Bank of Hartington Cedar Security Bank  

Westfield Acres Billboard


Aerial of Site Development

. [ci.hartington.ne.us]

Plat of Lots

Plat of Westfield Acres in the City of Hartington. Site is located in the N 1/2, SE 1/4, Section 35, T31 N, R 1 E.




Lot Specifications and Pricing


Lot prices start with a low of $23,000 to a high of $31,000. For a complete listing of actual lot prices by individual lot, please contact one of the two realtors under "Information and Contacts on Purchasing Lots".

Restrictive Covenants

Specific Restrictive Covenants applicable to only Westfield Acres have been adopted and will need to be followed by all lot and homeowners. The covenants are in place to establish uniform standards and expectations for all  homeowners and importantly to protect the value and general appearance of the sub-division. A complete listing of the Restrictive Covenants can be provided by the two Realtor/Brokers selling the Westfield Acre lots.

Zoning Setbacks, Easements, Ordinances, Permits, Hook-up Fees

To view the Zoning Requirements, Setbacks, Easements, Ordiances, Permits, Hook-up Fees, click here. [ci.hartington.ne.us]

Information and Contacts on Purchasing Lots

To view Information and Contacts on Purchasing Lots, click here [ci.hartington.ne.us]