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Hartington Community Foundation:

Organization and Purpose

The Hartington Community Foundation was organized following the organization of Project: Hartington 2000. Dr. Ed Nelson brought the idealisms of continued growth and success to this small rural community. Communities like Hartington must realize the importance of self-preservation and self-support.

The Hartington Community Foundation became an official nonprofit, tax-exempt organization in October of 1991. The Foundation presently has 10 members on the Board of Directors. Each of these directors is elected by the voting members of the organization to a 4-year term.

Community foundations are "developed to receive and administer endowment funds from private sources and manage them under community control for charitable purposes primarily focused on local needs." (Struckhoff, Eugene C., The Handbook for Community Foundations, Vol. I, Council of Foundations, Inc. (1977)) This is a very brief but precise overview of why the Hartington Community Foundation has been organized. According to the Foundation Articles of Incorporation, the Foundation has been organized to fulfill the following needs of the Hartington Community:

  • For assisting charitable institutions (including education institutions not operated for profit) either supported by private donations or public taxation.
  • For promoting scientific research along the lines of the alleviation of human suffering.
  • For the care of the sick, aged and helpless.
  • For the care of children.
  • For aiding in the reformation of (1) victims of narcotics, drugs, and liquors; (2) released inmates of penal and reformatory institutions; and (3) waywards and delinquent persons.
  • For the improvement of living and working conditions.
  • For providing facilities for recreation.
  • For the encouragement of social and domestic hygiene.
  • For the encouragement of sanitation and measures for the prevention of disease.
  • To perform such services in place of, or in addition to, financial assistance that will be beneficial to the above purposes, providing such services are performed within a limited time.


Mr. Scott Schrempp
Hartington Community Foundation
229 N. Broadway
Hartington, NE 68739
Phone: (402) 254- 3994

Hartington Library Foundation:

Organization and Purpose

This foundation was established in 1982 to solicit and receive gifts, bequests, grants and devises of property of any kind, whether real or personal and wherever situated for the use and benefit of the Hartington Public Library. An addition to the library was recently completed.


Laura Lou Marsh, President
Hartington Library Foundation
106 S. Broadway
Hartington, NE 68739
Phone: (402) 254-6428

Cedar Catholic Endowment Fund:

Organization and Purpose

This endowment fund was established in 1983 to provide a strong financial base for the school in future years. All gifts received from patrons for the endowment are put into a special account managed by the board of trustees. The monetary gifts put into this account are perpetual. Only the interest from the capital account is used for school expenditures. The endowment provides a yearly financial benefit to the school of which your generous contribution is always a part.

The primary benefit of giving to the Endowment Fund is the opportunity of the benefactors to invest in the Catholic education of future generations. These gifts will assist with the enhancement of the spiritual and educational growth of these young people.


Cedar Catholic Development Office
Cedar Catholic High School
Hartington, NE 68739
Phone: (402) 254-3976

Hartington Public School Education Foundation

Organization and Purposes

The Hartington Public School Education Foundation was formed in 1993. Its long-term goal is to build an endowment fund so the interest can be used each year for scholarships and any special projects that help improve education in the Hartington Public School District. The first H.P.S.E.F. scholarship was awarded at the 1994 graduation exercises. By 1998, the Foundation had awarded seven scholarships.


Lisa Korth
Hartington Public School Education Foundation
P.O. Box 618
Hartington, NE 68739
Phone: (402) 254-3947

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