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Elementary/High School

Hartington-Newcastle Public Schools

Hartington-Newcastle Public Schools (HNPS) is a K-12 North Central Accredited (NCA), class III school with approximately 350 students. The NCA designation indicates that HNPS is a student-centered school that is willing to be held to a higher standard than what the state of Nebraska requires for schools. With approximately 39 teachers including art, music, and counselors, HNPS has a teacher to student ratio of 1:9. HNPS has been awarded an Outcomes Accreditation, an even higher standard which allows HNPS to continually monitor progress and implement plans to prepare students for the 21st century. For more information, call the school office at (402) 254-3947.

Hartington-Newscastle Public Schools

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Elementary School is an accredited elementary school home to grades K-6. Holy Trinity has an enrollment of 188 students and a staff of 14. The mission of Holy Trinity is to form a community of faith and learning by promoting a Catholic way of life through gospel values and academic excellence. For more information, call the school office at (402) 254-6496.

Holy Trinity School

Hartington Cedar Catholic

The Cedar Catholic High School System includes grades 7-12. The certified staff of the school includes one principal and twenty-four faculty members. The faculty includes four priests who teach religion classes on a part-time basis. The enrollment of the school includes 181 high school students and 91 junior high students for a total enrollment of 272 students. The Cedar Catholic system is accredited by the Nebraska State Department of Education. For activity participation purposes the school is classified as C-1 by the Nebraska School Activities Association. The mission of Hartington Cedar Catholic High School is to form a community of faith and learning by promoting a Catholic way of life through gospel values and academic excellence. For more information, call the school office at (402) 254-3906.

Hartington Cedar Catholic

Post-Secondary Education:


  • Cooperative Extension Office - Hartington, Nebraska.
    The University of Nebraska has a Cooperative Extension Office located in Hartington staffed with two full-time extension educators. The office in Hartington has Internet access and a classroom equipped with a satellite system. For more information, contact (402) 254-6821.
  • Northeast Community College - Norfolk, Nebraska, 48 miles south of Hartington.
    Northeast Community College offers over 80 programs and concentrations and provides customized training for businesses and industries. Our main campus is located in Norfolk, Nebraska with three extended campuses in O'Neill, South Sioux City, and West Point, Nebraska and two regional offices in Ainsworth and Hartington, Nebraska. Regular credit and non-credit classes are taught by visiting instructors as well as part-time local instructors. Classes may also be accessed online or through interactive video conferencing facilities. Contact Russell Flamig at (402) 254-6224 or email russellf@northeast.edu for more information. Visit Northeast.edu.
  • University of Nebraska @ Lincoln - Lincoln, Nebraska, 155 miles south of Hartington.
  • University of Nebraska @ Omaha - Omaha, Nebraska, 133 miles southeast of Hartington.
  • Wayne State College - Wayne, Nebraska, 36 miles south of Hartington.


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